(presented, with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Pesaro and District 1 Centro Mare, in collaboration with the MACULA Cultural Association.)
from and with :  Valentina Battistoni, Francesca Bertoni, Giacomo Calandrini, Pierluca Camponi, Stella Cerioni, Laura Liuni, Cristina Mariani, Natasha Memma, Laura Pettinelli, Antonella Sabatini, Alessandra Zanchi , Gloria De Angeli.
From the Latin "going beyond" the performance is developed out of a research on the sensorial approach to movement-patterns that are formed before birth and that apply throughout life.
How do i move in differet contexts and situations ? What moves me ? What stops me ? Where are my borders ?
The performance aim to  bring the viewer within this research.
“We are afraid of living life, and therefore we do not experience.
Life means being actively involved.
Living means getting your hands dirty.
Living means throwing yourself away with courage.
Living means falling and slamming the muzzle.
Living means going beyond yourself
among the stars! "Leo Buscaglia

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