" L´artificio del paradiso " is a group community Performance - site specific .

The Performance is the final result of the Workshop on Theme " the doors of perception " . 27 Performer in a sensitive presence , moving in slow rythm according to that what is felt inside , sometimes faster and repetitive .Exploring, questionings  and de-constructiong the west cultural  ideas and concepts about paradise and harmony.Images and iconography from Paradise and eden , from painters such as Chagall are appearing and dissolving in the  dancers  .

The Workshop /performance it can be adapted to different spaces such as Museum,Church , a park,theater and groups of different ages and culture .

Created in August 2015 during an artistic residency in ex Church La Maddalena Italy .It was performed in Ex Church La Maddalena , Teatro libero del Monte Nerone and Orti Giuli Pesaro .