B.A.N.G. ( 2007-08 )
(Barbaric Act iN the GARDEN)Konzept/Tanz: Lara Martelli  Video: Werther Germondari, Maria Laura Spagnoli Dramaturgie : Alfio Petrini Künstlerische Mitarbeit: Josep Caballero Sounddesign: Massimo Carozzi

"B.A.N.G" is a possible titel for a mistery crime . Surreal video dance and text art exploring the body as the place of the mistery and the limits between femminine and masculine . The dancer is acting and performing at the same time in video and on stage ,  created in collaboration with the fillm makers Werther Germondari and Marialaura Spagnoli the main investigation is the human body as the place of mistery . the performance is a kind of fiction , a story about a possible crime where the performer is interpreteting all 3 characters : the offender ,the offended and the detective . textes are from Hildegard von Bingen , dramaturgy Alfio Petrini teatro totale original sound Massimo Carozzi . http://www.werthergermondari.com/Werther_Germonda…/Bang.html .